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GitHub Actions Self-Hosted Runner on Kubernetes

Puru Tuladhar
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📚 Learn to efforlessly deploy a GitHub Actions self-hosted runner on Kubernetes using Helm.

Why run a self-hosted GitHub actions runner?

Self-hosted runners are ideal for use-cases where you need to run workflows in a highly customizable environment with more granular control over hardware requirements, security, operating system, and software tools than GitHub-hosted runners provides.

Table of contents

  1. Deploy Kubernetes Cluster (optional) - If you already have an existing K8s cluster, you can skip this step.
  2. Deploy Action Runner Controller using Helm
    1. What is an actions-runner-controller?
    2. Installation of cert-manager
    3. Create GitHub PAT (Personal Access Token)
    4. Installation of actions-runner-controller
  3. Deploy a self-hosted runner tied to a specific repository.
  4. Create a workflow to test your self-hosted runner
  5. Clean-up Kubernetes Cluster (optional)
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Are you looking to deploy GitHub Actions self-hosted runner on Kubernetes for your organization? Look no further, this tutorial will cover all the steps you will need. The author (Puru Tuladhar) is an 3x AWS certified with 8+ years of DevOps experience and Kubernetes expert.

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GitHub Actions Self-Hosted Runner on Kubernetes

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